TEDx comes to Edinburgh

TEDx conference in Edinburgh streamed live.

TEDx, we’ve all heard of it. Those great (sometimes unfathomable) conferences that promote “ideas worth spreading” and getting us all to think that little bit more out-of-the-box. So what would be a more appropriate time than for TEDx to visit Edinburgh at the end of Innovative Learning Week?

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The topic for Edinburgh’s TEDx is ‘Thinking in Abundance’ and  “is about looking again at problems and instead of seeing them as a deficit, using what we do have to make connections, find inspiration, and solve issues.” Deep man. There are a number of speakers at the event, including a specialist on the Dark Side of our Universe.

Tickets for the actual conference at Pleasance have sold out, but if you head  over to Teviot Underground, the talks are being streamed live on the big screen. Or alternatively, if you’re taking advantage of lying in this ILW, then you can watch the Ted from the comfort of your bed and can say that you DID actually do something innovative this week.