Plenty of Fish in the Sea: Small Fish, Big Pond

Dating is hard. Read the trials and tribulations of one online dating user here. Has this week been lucky?

This week on the online world has been particularly interesting. As we are nearing the end of blue January and coming into the lovers’ month of February, the situation, for some, is becoming more and more desperate.

In some ways it has been more of the same, the odd semi-interesting message from someone who has clearly read my profile and therefore is going to ask me a question about every single detail of my day. But then I stumbled upon this little gem…

say whaaaat?

Say whaaaat?

First of all, ‘riant’? Had to google that. Apparently, it means ‘cheerful’ or ‘mirthful’. Personally I think that is rather presumptious and I’m not sure it’s a word I would use to describe my personality, I’m not really known for my sunny disposition.

Secondly, ‘Would you be so keen to have a walk with me?’ Umm… no, I would not. On closer inspection of his profile turns out he has a certain penchant for floor length leather (looking) jackets and or coats. Not my ideal ‘walking’ companion. I was slightly tempted to reply asking where he would suggest for this walk. The Meadows perhaps? If that is the case then it’s a definite NO.

My mother always told me not to talk to strangers, let alone go on walks with them.

Also POF, I have a bone to pick with you, he is apparently a ‘Top 10’ prospect. I thought there was some genuine computer science about these matches, I’m now very concerned about what my answers were to those original personality tests.


However readers there is some more exciting news, a budding romance on the horizon. It’s potentially too early to call as of yet, but I have a date planned with a ‘6ft, non-smoking, athletic, blonde haired, Aries’, who might I add is a paramedic. The dream.

Apart from my bank balance, it is the only number I am genuinely pleased to see rising

Apart from my bank balance, it is the only number I am genuinely pleased to see rising.

In true MTV Catfish style, I obviously Facebooked, Googled and Twitter searched him and found no apparent early warning signs (but he does have excellent privacy settings). This might just be the break through we’ve all been hoping for!

I’m currently still playing this early prospect quite cool but he wants to take our relationship to the next level. He’s told me to add him on Facebook. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for this, Facebook official friends this early on?

Read on next week to find out how my FIRST DATE goes…