Plenty of Fish in the Sea, still fishing…

Dating is hard. Read the trials and tribulations of one online dating user here.

So week 2 in my quest for love continues with the messaging section of the website. This was a daunting but intriguing task, for after experiencing the forwardness of Tinder, I was interested to find out just what were the first message rules for an actual dating website.

Turns out, there are none.

Initially my inbox was full of very mundane ‘Hey, U ok?’ or ‘Hi, How was your weekend?’ etc. After sifting through the bad, the very bad and the ugly, I made it to the more interesting reads.

One in particular caught my attention.

I didn't reply...

I didn’t reply…

I actually feel kind of bad for this guy, he’s obviously still bitter about his last break up, but serious case of too much info.

However my favourite message of the week goes to IAMNOTAROBOT2000. He’s got chat.

Which 3 would you choose?

Which 3 would you choose?

I did have a few questions after reading this message this message though…

  1. What’s the deal with all the bald women?
  2. Why does he obviously hate Take Me Out? (Maybe he’s a ‘no lighty’)
  3. Are you a snake charmer? Because that would be incredibly hipster

Finally after filtering through all my messages and being told for the 20th time that my ‘eyes are the bluest I’ve ever seen’, not true by the way, they are a greyish blue at best (so thank you Instagram filters), I decided it was time to reply to my potential suitors with compliments of my own. Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Look out for next week’s post to find out how I got on!