Introducing Durham’s new bread delivery service, run by students

You can now get freshly baked bread delivered straight to your door

As Covid restrictions continue in Durham, it has become even more important that we try to support local businesses and shop locally. So how about we get a little (or a lot) excited about a new business venture that has gained popularity over the past few months?

This year, a group of four Durham students have started running a bread new making business, Durham Daily Dough. Better yet, you can order bread straight to your door and from the comfort of your bedroom desk Zoom lecture.

This new business is something which didn’t come about as intentionally as one would assume. In fact, Durham Daily Dough was something which started off as “a bit of a joke”, the students behind the venture told The Tab Durham. Initially, it started when one of the bakers decided that it was a good idea to put their baked bread on their private Instagram story to see if it could sell, and to their surprise, it did! This spurred on the idea for the business, with more and more people becoming interested, and has since gained popularity through the promotion of their Instagram page (@durhamdailydough).

Now Durham is no stranger to star bakers after Henry Bird’s appearance in last year’s Great British Bake off, so to see the emergence of a new baking business in the city is certainly something to get excited about. I honestly believe that new innovative businesses like this can really add to the Durham student community in a positive way. It not only brings the joy of freshly baked bread to students, but also gives the bakers a break from their studies, as they balance their workloads by scheduling kneading and baking in between study sessions.

It was through lockdown that these students first started baking bread, giving them lots of practice before their return to Durham. From when their business first opened in October, they have been non-stop baking, and now make up to twenty loaves per week.

They team have also recently released a new wholemeal loaf, adding a little more variety to the choice of bread you can buy on their page. The recipe they use for their bread comes from one member of the team’s Italian family. For them, it is an enormous part of their Italian culture to share food, and this has been the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. The recipe they use is super simple and with no added fats, making it suitable for vegans too.

The support and feedback from students who have purchased the bread has been super positive and motivating so far. On a larger scale, the business has recently been contacted by new delivery app, Luvyum, which promotes local businesses around Durham. Grey College, of which three of the four bakers are members, also promoted their bread for last week’s Grey College winter formal.

On the future of their business, Durham Daily Dough told us that they hope to experiment more with different bread varieties, such as gluten free or olive and cheese loaves. They are also very open to any ideas of new flavours they could try, inviting suggestions via Instagram message.

On their page, you can see many pictures of beautiful loaves of bread with marbled crusts and a flour finish, alongside recipes which people have created with their bread such as soup and bruschetta.

Loaves range from £3 -£4 depending on the variety, with free pick up from the Viaduct or £1 delivery. Everything is prepared in a Covid secure environment, with prices kept as low as possible for students.

Quite honestly what could could be more comforting than some warm homemade bread in these cold dark weeks leading up to Christmas?

To order a loaf, message @durhamdailydough on Instagram.

All images provided by the Durham Daily Dough team.