DURFC former vice-treasurer to appear in court over sexual assault and assault

He will appear in front of magistrates tomorrow

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In an article published yesterday The Tab Durham stated the DURFC Treasurer was to appear in court today on sexual assault charges. Whilst we named Ben Mills as the person appearing in court we want to make it absolutely clear that the article was referring to Ben Mills who is the DURFC former vice-treasurer. The article was not referring to the current DURFC Treasurer. We apologise unreservedly to the DURFC Treasurer for any confusion.

The former vice-treasurer of the Durham University Rugby team will appear in court tomorrow, Thursday 10 May, charged with assault and and sexual assault.

On one charge, Mills is accused of assaulting a female student by beating on 16 November 2017.

He is also charged with intentionally sexually touching a woman, 16 or older, when she did not consent and he did not reasonably believe she was consenting.

Ben Mills is set to appear tomorrow at 10am over the incidents, both of which are alleged to have happened in Durham in November 2017.

He will be appearing at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court.