Don’t like the snow? Well it’s going to keep coming, every day this week

With a 95% chance of snow everyday this week, the odds are definitely not in our favour

Heavy levels of snow are forecast everyday this week, temperatures expecting to plummet to below -5 degrees celcius, and speculation that this will be the worst winter in decades.

If, like every other person south of Newcastle, your acceptance to Durham was dimmed by the throwaway comment that “it’s so cold up North”, then Mummy and Daddy’s fears are well and truly coming to fruition.

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A lovely snowman in favour of the the strikes. Yes, even snow can be politicised.

However, in spite of the arctic temperatures and the actual ice rink that is the science site, students have rebelled against the weather and, in true Durham spirit, showcased a number of artistic masterpieces.

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One student jazzing up her jacket in the actual blizzard yesterday, black by day, white by night.

And of course, if the nude boys un ironically posing in the snow didn't do it for you last year, someone in Aidan’s has gone the whole way this year.

Very mature.

The only logical conclusion: stay inside, miss lectures, wrap up warm!

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