I got slapped by Professor Green during Freshers’ Week

Clearly his career’s not going anywhere


We all remember the infamous altercation between a globally renowned rapper and a Durham first year one fateful night in Freshers’ Week.

This is his story.

Professor Green slapped me during his gig in Freshers’ Week.

I was at the bar and I heard his voice and I thought ‘oh, for fuck’s sake’.

The act on before had been quite good and I’m just not a fan of his, so I went to the front and started shouting, “you’re a cunt, you’re shit”.

Obviously, I didn’t think he’d heard me, but he clearly did. He leaned right over me, quite close and went to smack me.

I went to put my hands up and then I was swamped by three massive blokes around the neck and arm barred.

I was yanked out and after a minute chatting to one of them they let me straight back in.

The bouncers weren’t fans of his either.

They seemed to agree with what I was saying but not the fact that I said it.

He’s playing at Durham freshers ball so clearly his career isn’t going anywhere.

I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he’s just not for me to be honest.