Durham Dress Code: Clubs

Emily Benton’s got the definitive guide to club fashion.

We’ve all felt that feeling of terror, standing in the middle of our floor-drobe, minutes before leaving time, with no clue what outfit to leave the house in. But when it comes to going out in Durham, there’s undoubtedly a consensus on what to wear, where.


Ah, Klute. At the infamous home of the Quaddie, pretty much anything goes in terms of fashion when you’re swaying to That’s Amore.

Recently, we’ve seen an entire flock of Where’s Wallys, Shrek dressed as Superman, a newly-formed religious cult, countless men in drag and a rather brave effort from one guy in a mankini.

Just a few of our favourite fancy dress efforts snapped in Klute over the past few weeks.

Kudos and keep up the good effort.


For a much-loved Wednesday night in Lloyds, clutching a pitcher and dancing to Temperature and Mr Brightside, think smart casual. Smasual, if you like.

Girls, you’re gonna want to throw on something along the lines of your denim shorts or leather trousers. Lads, no fancy shirt required.

The ‘smasual’ vibe in Lloyds…


Next door, Loveshack is the place to go if you want to wear something a little more ‘sassy’.

We’re thinking there’s something of a ‘skirt and shirt’ concensus down at the shack. However, nothing too fancy – heels are still a massive no no when it comes to the cobbles – you might get mixed up with the locals.

A ‘skirt and shirt’ concensus?


Nova is the place to be on a Friday night and an opportunity to discover the edgy side you never knew you had before. In terms of dress code, think scrunchies, disco pants, crop tops, galactic prints, flower crowns and even blue lipstick. Plus, that plastic choker from your years as a ’90s kid.

Unbelievable edge.

Newcastle Night Out

Newcastle night is the ultimate opportunity to get those glad-rags out the wardrobe – and wear that pair of heels gathering dust!

Some of our students dressed up in their finery for Newcastle Night.

And finally, how to dress like a local…

Nope… we’re not sure either.