Durham Cribs: 20-21 Church Street

Think that all student houses are shitholes? Think again….

Fed up of finding damp on your walls? Can’t cope with another night of hearing your housemate have sex above you? Sleeping in your coat again to avoid pneumonia?

Surely these are struggles that every university student can relate to.

Not for the people that live in these houses…

We’ve been on a wander around Durham to find some of the best student houses around. They’re not quite LA Mansions but they’re a damn site better than where you’re living.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for next year’s signing or just want even more reasons to wallow in your own bitter resentment, these houses are definitely worth a look.

First up we have Church Street’s very own Hot Tub House. Try not to tear up.

#picoftheday worthy

This house boasts 7 double rooms, two of which are ensuite, a kitchen, living room/ bar, storage room and large back courtyard. It’s located on the much sought-after Church Street, minutes away from the centre of town and good old Billy B.

The fun doesn’t stop there however, as the house has a unique selling point that extends slightly beyond ordinary student living facilities. Namely, a hot tub.

Bit better than a microwave

As you can imagine, this house has seen some pretty good parties in its time. The boys say their best one so far has been their ‘Hoes and CEOs’ party, which saw a lot of crazy antics and an impressive array of fancy dress.

Living up to their house’s air of opulence they went all out with the decorations, offering drinks, a smoke machine and installing a temporary DJ booth .They even covered the whole outside area with a massive sheet of tarpaulin to recreate that sultry office vibe….you know the one.

T.V and esuite as standard

Their luxurious taste clearly doesn’t extend to their alcohol collection

The well-stocked bar

However, don’t be too jealous, because the house has its downsides too. Its prime position and well-known status means that people make breaking into the hot tub a mission of their night out, and the boys regularly come outside to find strangers in the tub.

They don’t normally find this a problem, and it’s certainly an interesting way to meet new people, but sometimes it doesn’t end so well.

A recent break-and-bake wasn’t lucky enough to break in on a night when the hot tub was watered up, and made up for this by filling it instead with her own vomit.

Needless to say this wasn’t the most pleasant morning hangover surprise.

That’s right, their shed’s bigger than your room. And they have a shed.

If you think your house has a unique selling point, a certain je ne sais quoi, or if it’s just bloody huge, get in contact with [email protected] and you could be featured on the illustrious beacon of journalism that is the Tab.