DST give the DSU a resounding ‘fuck off’

Nearly 90% of DST voters have opted to end their affiliation with the Union.


The Durham Student Theatre has voted to become unaffiliated with the DSU yesterday, and are to become a DSO, a Durham Student Organisation, by the start of the next academic year. 

Dancing for joy at the result of the vote.

87.5 % of about 100 members had voted for this move when voting closed at 5pm yesterday.

As the University has commented, this will allow DST to function with more independence, whilst still remaining part of the Uni.

The president, Dan Gosselin, said that the move will “make next year incredibly strong” and propel DST to levels that he could not have anticipated.

Students are rejoicing at the change, with one second year Trevs student commenting “Finally, now DST can move on without the DSU fucking about with money that isn’t theirs.”


The change was initially proposed in late January this year to the Vice Chancellor, with the process culminating in an EGM on Sunday 16th.

It was attended by the DST Executive, Durham Students’ Union President, Dan Slavin, Development Officer, Chris Pocock, and Academic Affairs Officer, David Morris.

One DST member said that he thought the “one of the main problems was that the Union was not paying people back for their ticket sales months after the shows had finished.”

A festive DST exec.

Therefore the closure and results of this voting allows the DST to move to higher levels of University approval and planning. Dan Gosselin noted “this is the end of a long process for me.”

DST members also approved a vote on constitutional changes to the society adding the role of Assistant Treasurer and forming the DST Committee.