Senate House

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Decoration not ‘defacement’: Cambridge must face up to Climate Change

Zero Carbon shares why they felt they had no choice but to take their message to Senate House

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Class lists: The drama continues

Even if you opt-out your name could be on the online list…

Cambridge cobbles in JEOPARDY

They’re on shaky ground

BREAKING: King’s Parade evacuated due to suspected bomb

The incident in Cambridge follows a series of potential terror threats throughout the country

LIVEBLOG: General Election Debate

All the big dogs are in town

Cambridge Zero Carbon Society stages FOOTY protest on Senate House lawn

Football and fossil fuels marry in strange demonstration

The Vice-Chancellor is betraying Cambridge on climate

It’s unjust and undemocratic – divest now

Trump protest to take place in Cambridge TODAY following Muslim Ban

The demonstration is part of an international backlash against the President

University Grace on harassment WITHDRAWN

It was due to pass this afternoon

Taking your Best Bums photo: The Ultimate Guide

Or, how many arse-related puns can I crack in one article?

Class List Chaos: The Lowdown

Shit went down over the summer. The Tab’s here to catch you up.

EXCLUSIVE: Trinity supervisor says stopping class lists would be ‘a victory for mediocrity’

“And Cambridge, above all, is supposed to be non-mediocre”

Cambridge’s next Vice Chancellor: Our Top Ten

Defo Obama amirite?

Tourist Troubles: The Plight of a Cyclist

Why King’s Parade is the most dangerous street in the city

People who want to keep Class Lists are being drowned out

Loud student campaigns are hogging the limelight

Class lists are a cruel and unusual punishment

Do you really want to hurt me?

Black balloons loom over Senate House as anti fossil fuel campaigners strike again

They were protesting Cambridge University’s investments in fossil fuels

#Endweek5blues: Stop claiming you ‘represent’ me

The campaign that just won’t listen

CDE Garden Party 2014

JACK MCCONNEL reviews CDE Garden Party 2014

Duke and Duchess IN Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are coming to… Cambridge, for their first visit as a married couple.