Bristol SU calls for the uni to move ‘non-essential in-person teaching’ online for TB1

‘TB1 has not turned out the way it was sold to students over summer’

The Bristol SU has released a statement calling on the university to move all “non-essential in-person teaching online for the rest of TB1”.

They claim the government’s decision to push on-campus teaching during a national lockdown is “wrong on both an educational and public health level” and is demonstrative of a “lack of clear leadership during this pandemic”.

They also said that they recognise “TB1 has not turned out the way it was sold to students over summer” and so are lobbying for tuition fee reductions.

In an email to The Bristol Tab stating their demands, they also revealed that they are lobbying to “ensure students are able to complete two weeks of isolation before returning home for Christmas” and for “libraries and study spaces to remain open”.

They also reaffirmed their commitment to the rent strike, which is withholding over £1 million from the university, by demanding a 30% rent reduction for TB1, no-penalty contract releases from halls, and continued support of food boxes and mental health checks for students in halls.

The SU also called for better publicity of the student hardship fund, so students know they can apply for financial aid during the second lockdown.

The SU say the demands are a result of thorough consultation with staff and students and, since a national lockdown has been announced, “more decisive action is now needed”.

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