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UoB Women’s Rugby is officially the biggest women’s university team in the UK

They’re even bigger than UoB men’s

UoB’s Women’s Rugby club (UBWRFC) is officially the biggest women's university rugby team in the UK after reaching more than 100 paying members earlier this month.

The club’s rapid rise reflects a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, in the midst of campaigns like the hugely successful This Girl Can initiative last week.

The Bristol Tab spoke to the team to see what they had to say.

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Club Captain Frankie Woolf – "Everyone has a role on the pitch"

The Captain

The club’s ethos is all about inclusivity. No matter your fitness, experience or body type there is a place for you on the team. Club Captain Frankie said, “our culture of inclusion is at the forefront of the club – our numerous taster sessions and socials show that.”

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Head Coach Keith Leaker describes his coaching style as “intense, enjoyable, player-led”)

The Coaches

Head Coach Keith can often be spotted looking confident of the side-lines. He told the Bristol Tab, “Every player from firsts to thirds receives similar treatment.

“We all want to build a supportive environment where all abilities thrive.”

It is this can-do attitude of the coaches which means that girls who are 5’2 with limited experience can eventually tackle that intimidating 6-footer in the opposing team. Talk about girl power.

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Assistant Coach Jude A'Bear on the 3's – "our focus is on enjoyment and progression"

The Committee

Rugby girls know how to have a good time when it comes to sports night, but believe it or not, it’s not all centred around drinking and Grav. The club also offers day-time socials, including the opportunity to go and watch live matches.

“Everything is better in fancy dress” according to Social Sec Mia Austin. Recent social highlights include the family social and a scavenger hunt, where no animal got left behind.

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Rugby Socials: Guess the theme?

With campaigns such as This Girl Can, rugby’s “masculine” persona is slowly vanishing. UoB’s Women’s rugby team is leading this revolution of inclusion and acceptance. Go UBWRFC!

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UBWRFC strive for a supportive environment. Literally.

To get involved in the upcoming taster session, click here.