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Epigram forced to cancel 30th Anniversary Ball after arranging it during Easter hols

They’ve blamed a ‘combination on finance and timings’

Epigram have been forced to cancel their 30th Anniversary Ball due to a "combination of finances and timings", The Bristol Tab can reveal.

The ball, which was due to be held today, is believed to have been closed partially due to the fact that "people were having issues with the date", according to a Facebook post from the Senior Team.

One Epigram source puts it more bluntly, telling The Bristol Tab the ball was cancelled because "it was too expensive and not enough people signed up for it."

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However, the Senior Team have assured people that there is no need to cry into the leftover Epigram papers in the ASSL, as they are "currently working to find an alternative that will still be amazing."

In order to resolve the issue, the Senior Team are asking Epigram writers to fill out the poll to find a date that isn't in the holidays.

In the meantime, the organisers are offering their apologies and are hoping that writers "understand why this has happened."

Epigram's Editorial team declined to expand on the reasons for the cancellation.