Vote for Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette: Group 2

Just in time for Valentine’s Day


The second round of our most eligible Bristol bachelorette competition is finally here. After group 1 and a subsequent avalanche of entrants, we have cut down the group to a select few.

Vote at the bottom for who you think should be crowned Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette 2018. The winner of this group will go into the final to be dubbed Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette and win eternal glory, love, affection and hearts everywhere, just in time for St Valentine’s Day.

Without further ado, here are six of the best of Bristol’s singletons:

Ginny Troughton, 21, Zoology

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“Chair of the Sports Exec which means a regular at Sports Night, is generally a BNOC and as the ex-Captain of Women’s Rugby – she has great ball handling skills.”

Megan Lyons, 20, Medicine

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“Michelle Keegan lookalike innit, well fit and clever!”

Sophie Cancemi, 20, Psychology

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“For capturing the hearts of American Footballers the world over.”

Jasmine Walters, 19, German and Spanish

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“Hot n single, brains included, loves to go out and have fun. Good dancer, tri-lingual, but hard to tie down. Needs to find prince charming to tame her.”

Holly O’Brien, 19, History

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“Absolutely beautiful, amazing personality!”