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Everything you know if you’re a cheerleader

Your life is like Bring It On

Being a cheerleader is a lot of work. You train for four hours a week minimum, two hours of gymnastic and two to develop the routine.

It's a big commitment, as in cheerleading the whole group relies on everyone being there to do the stunts, so no skipping sessions because you went to Motion until 3am. You will put on that bow and smile through the pain.

Here's everything you know if you're a cheerleader.


Everyone swipes right on Tinder for a cheerleader

Cheerleading does wonders for the tinder profile, though I'm not saying all the messages are going to be great and non-weird fetishes. Though you know you can just send them back 5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate? MYSELF, then cartwheel away.

Dance sections make you feel like a badass bitch

The dance section at the end of the routine is always the best part, everything is synchronised and perfectly pattered, giving you a chance to shake it so you feel like a badass bitch.

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You work off last night's cheesy chips instantly

Cheerleading is a really good way to keep fit, with so much training and gruelling strengthening exercises, you almost forget that you demolished a pile of chips every night last week.

We have abs of steal, better than any boyfriend's

Cheer muscles are a definite thing – we don't need no man to open up our mayonnaise jar. We can pick up a full-grown woman and toss her up in the air.

Our flexibility is off the scale

Flexibility is another massive bonus, if you drop your pen in the lecture you can subtly slide down into the splits to pick it up. Much more effective than your simple bend down.

My stunt team

Our socials are the most fun, and most messy

For my first social I had to dress up as a caterpillar while the coaches were all beautiful butterflies in which you have to take part in some savage and gymnastically appropriate tasks, as if painting your face green wasn’t enough. Have you ever done a shot in a handstand? I have.

We are the masters of liquid eyeliner

When you're not being a green fresher, there is always the chance to practice your fleeky eyeliner and bust out some glitter to match your seamless uniform.

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Photoshoot selfie and less green

Boys can be cheerleaders too!

The mixed gender team is the top team, and you have to be extremely strong, dedicated and excellent at gymnastics to be in it. Perhaps males are not as interested in cheerleading when they're younger because they think it’s lame, but considering that they are now constantly surrounded by beautiful and talented girls, who’s the one laughing now?

Some university uniforms are better than others…

The uniforms are beautiful which is obviously a massive bonus and not all university cheerleading teams are so lucky… At nationals there were some unfortunate colours and one team had trousers, which I was not feeling. Let’s face it, the cute little skirt and glittery bow is a lot of the appeal, and if I could wear it all the time, I probably would.

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You get really close with your stunt group

Usually of around four people, perfectly throwing your flyer up in the air. Okay, there are some falls, but cheerleaders are athletes! It can be dangerous, but with three people to catch you, we always do.

You basically live like you're in Bring It On

It’s extremely regimented, kind of like a pretty, sparkly army camp. But it’s a lot of fun and a great way to make friends. The strictness of the hours means that it’s really easy to fit around work and live the real life Bring It On.

People can be surprised at how empowering cheerleading can be. When you join you're surrounded by ambitious women who are dedicated and strong, and you have to work really hard to create an amazing, choreographed routine. We're always in it to win it.