Bristol’s biggest names give their advice to freshers

BNOCs one and all

Freshers’ week has been and gone and you can almost hear the thousands of hungover sighs as Bristol’s newest batch of freshers try and piece together what happened.

University life still seems strange and foreign to these youngsters and many may be calling out for some kind of guidance.

Luckily for them, The Tab Bristol have asked Bristol’s biggest names and BNOCs to give us the secret to enjoying uni life to the full.

Livi Brooks-McLaughlin, Bristol BNOC Finalist, Tab Fashion Editor

"Go out excessively, vom into your hands if you're on the dance floor, sleep with that guy, send embarrassing drunk texts, annoy your housemates, leave the lights on, eat as dirty as you can, live with your ex, and if you can't drink it, wear it."

George Allen and James Lee, Bristol Squash Committee

James: "Nights out are more important than 9ams."

George: "All you need is Lounge and 40%".

Lucky Dube, Student Living Officer

"You will certainly have fun, but remember that you're here to learn. The library is your friend."

Rob Angel, Bristol Rugby League Club captain, President of Darts Soc

"Avoid the Tab as much as physically possible."

Olivia Huxtable, founder of the 'Be ManKind' campaign and Sportswoman of the Year 2016/17

"‘It’ll be the best time of your life’".

"Yes it probably will, but that doesn’t mean every single night out or day in Bristol will be the best of your existence. There’ll be shit times and that’s fine. But if it gets to Christmas and you’re having more shit times than good, change something and don’t suffer in silence. There literally is a society or club for everyone at uni. You won’t regret joining one so get searching the SU page to see what’s here."

"Also Berocca will be your best friend, but Sainsbury’s and Wilkos own brand is just as good and saves you dollar for more alcohol."