Bristol students are in the top 5 highest spending universities during Freshers’ Week

Gotta holla for that dolla

A recent study by Banana Moon Clothing has revealed that Bristol is the fifth biggest spending city for Freshers’ Week, with an average of £334 being spent by students here.

Edinburgh topped the nationwide list of unis, with past and present students spending a whooping average of £426 in Freshers’ Week.

Bristol fell close behind Sheffield, whilst London and Oxford came second and third respectively.

Gotta pay for the sesh somehow

Gotta pay for the sesh somehow

In the study, almost one in four (36%) of all current students and last year’s graduates said they had felt pressured to spend more money than they could afford in Freshers’ Week, with over a fifth (21%) confessing to have spent over £500.

Whilst it is no secret that financial worries plague all uni students, Banana Moon Clothing’s study highlights the extent of the problem with two fifths (44%) of current students and recent graduates claiming money was one of their biggest concerns before starting university. In fact, financial concerns trumped worries about grades which only averaged to 40%.

All those lit af club nights add up

All those lit af club nights add up

Alex Grace, Managing Director at Banana Moon Clothing said: “Freshers’ Week is a rite of passage for university students and it is a prestigious event in the student calendar. However, it is concerning that many students feel pressure to spend money, despite ranking their finances as one of the biggest concerns they have about starting university.

“When it comes to Freshers’ Week we would like to encourage students to have a good time during the event, but to also consider the financial impact it may have further in their academic year. There are many ways to enjoy the week without spending a third of your loan in the process!”

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