Final year law students left unable to access degree module results

What would Denning say?

Bristol University has apologised for a ‘technical glitch’ that prevented a third of final year lawyers from accessing a full breakdown of their degree marks on results day.

According to Legal Cheek, whilst degree classifications were announced on Friday, students who had taken a second year module in third year were unable to access their results.

Putting the justice into injustice

The university sent out an email that has been deemed ‘passive aggressive’ by those affected. It apologised for the error, but went on to say: “Please do not email us asking where your 2nd year unit result is. We will not reply to these emails as we are working on the technical error which is handled by another department.”

The law school is based in the Wills Memorial Building

The glitch was rectified by Monday, but it has left a sour taste in the mouth of some graduates, with one student deeming the school’s attitude to the blip “appalling”.

Given the significance of results day and the impact these marks have on a graduate lawyer’s hunt for a training contract, the university’s lacklustre approach to efficiently delivering results doesn’t quite make the mark.