6 Bristol cafes to try out this exam season

Bored of the library? Try out a cafe instead

Ever had the problem of trying to find somewhere to study during the exam season?

In the blink of an eye the libraries go from being quiet, peaceful spots to places where you have to fight to get a seat. Let me give you some valuable advice – try studying in cafes.

The ambience is better, the seats are plentiful and you don’t have to bring your coffee in a flask!

Here are some of the best cafes that I’ve found to study in since being in Bristol.

Boston Tea Party:

Location: Park Street

Best for: Guaranteed seating

Grab a seat upstairs and spend a few hours revising

The Boston Tea Party on Park Street is the perfect spot for a long study session either alone or with friends.

The atmosphere is relaxed,  there are plenty of seats upstairs and you can get away with ordering one drink and then staying there for most of the day. For those who need the occasional break from studying, choose a seat by the window and watch the world go by below as you slurp your smoothie.

Warning though – it can get a little busy around lunch time so go later in the afternoon when it’s a little quieter!

The Guild:

Location: Park Street

Best for: A quiet study space

Located on the first floor of The Guild, a kitchen shop on Park Street, this cafe is a hidden gem of a study space.

This cafe is very quiet both in terms of noise and the amount of customers meaning that it’s great if you need some time to really concentrate as you work.

The great thing with this cafe is that it has a small outdoor courtyard with a few tables which are great if you’re lacking vitamin D after weeks of being cooped up indoors revising.


Location: Park Street

Best for: Indulging a sweet tooth

Revising for exams isn’t fun, nor is writing long essays for coursework.

Cheer yourself up by doing some work in Pinkman’s and snacking on a delicious pastry at the same time. Best time for doing some work here is in the evening when you can work by candlelight and listen to the chilled playlists.

The Stable:

Location: Harbourside

Best for: Summer days in the sun

Although The Stable isn’t the obvious choice for a study spot it’s a great one on a summer’s day.

Sit outside on one of the long wooden benches overlooking the harbourside and work to the calming buzz of voices as people walk by. The great thing about this spot for studying is that they serve delicious (and affordable) pizzas and ciders that are perfect for bringing you out of your revision blues.


Location: Harbourside

Best for: Space to think

Watershed is a great spot if you’re in need of some space to think. Set in a warehouse, this cafe is large-scale and quirky with large plants, fairy lights and bench seating.

This cafe is great if you want to get away and study for a chunk of time, and other people have clearly had the same thought because you’ll definitely not be the only one hunched over a laptop in here!

Primrose Cafe:

Location: Clifton Village

Best for: cakes, brunch and relaxation

Probably the cutest of all the cafes listed here, Primrose cafe in Clifton is the perfect spot to savour some wholesome food whilst cramming for your exams.

Popular for it’s all day brunch menu, this cafe can get pretty crowded, particularly at the weekend, so if you want to get a chance at finding a seat come later in the afternoon on a weekday and you can work undisturbed.

I’d recommend getting a fresh peppermint tea here whilst you work as it’s a lighter equivalent to traditional tea for summer.