Keep Bristol Warm: Helping the Homeless in Bristol

Last night, scarves, gloves and hats were left all through the town.

Keep Bristol Warm are a social action group dedicated to helping the homeless community in Bristol.

Run entirely by volunteers and taking community donations, the group run multiple events annually aiming to better the quality of living for Bristol’s homeless people.

The team run a pending hot drinks initiative where you can buy two drinks and leave one for homeless person to collect – a list of participating cafes can be found here. There is also a big clothing drive held by Keep Bristol Warm in the Bearpit each December.

The most recent event was the ‘I Am Not Lost’ initiative.

Volunteers met at Bristol Harbourside last night to walk around the city, tying scarves to lampposts and leaving hats and gloves from one side of the town to the other, labelled “I Am Not Lost – if you’re stuck out in the cold please take me. Keep Bristol Warm!”

‘I Am Not Lost’ was an opportunity to show solidarity with the homeless, and raise awareness as well as provide access to warmth.

Esther Saunders-Jennings from Keep Bristol Warm said that “There are currently over 100 people sleeping rough in Bristol, and they’re only the official ones. Homelessness is a huge issue and this is about doing something to show these people that we care.

With the growing number of people we see on the streets every day it’s easy to get desensitised. You can help every day by stopping, saying hi and making these people feel human again.”

For more information and to get involved like the Keep Bristol Warm page on Facebook.