University launches investigation into Bristol student racism

“We are taking immediate action under our disciplinary procedures”

Following the Tab’s exposé, the University of Bristol has promised “immediate action” to deal with incidences of racial abuse involving two black students.

Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire endured months of “malicious” taunts by a number of abusers, one of which was a fellow UoB student.

Both Timi and Tami met with Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof Nick Lieven and showed him screenshots and other evidence of the bullying that had taken place.

In a statement, the university said that: “Timi and Tami’s experiences are extremely distressing. We are taking immediate action under our disciplinary procedures in relation to the student at our university, and will be looking to coordinate with the other universities involved”.

“We are already reviewing our own processes and communications so that we can make it easier for students to report these kinds of issues in the future.”

This story, which was picked up by the BBC, highlights a pressing issue on Bristol’s campus which the university needs to take seriously.

Why were the victims not prepared to go to the university for help? Why was a media storm started by a university newspaper needed to ignite some form of coordinated action from university officials?

We hope that by bringing this issue to light, further cases of racist abuse on campus can be prevented from happening and that UOB will ensure that their services are easily accessible.