Stokes Croft ranked as 9th hippest place in the UK

Calling all hipsters

Stokes Croft has officially been named one of the ten hippest places to live in the UK.

Having been awarded a solid ninth place, Stokes Croft has beaten the likes of Jericho and Clapton in TravelSupermarket’s Hip Hangout Neighbourhood Index.

Whilst sharing a joint position with Northern Quarter in Manchester, Stoke Croft’s edgy bars, unbeatable street art and alternative shops have given the area somewhat of a cultural edge.

With placards of Trump and Boris embracing each other more awkwardly than you and your ticket into Pam Pam, Stoke Croft’s unashamed nature to voice what the people really think has continued to draw visitors to the area for years.

The team at TravelSupermarket want to go further than this, with their set of published results aiming to attract even more people towards Bristol’s irresistible energy, particularly with the city’s buzzing music scene.

So, next time you see a group of lost hipsters walking around Stokes Croft don’t assume it’s Fresher’s let loose without GPS-  it could just be the start of a very bright and busy future for our blossoming city.