Legendary second year gets stuck in a pair of handcuffs on a night out

It took 40 minutes, three firemen, two paramedics and an electric saw to get him out

A Bristol second year’s quiet night out took a turn for the worse on  Monday when he got stuck in a pair of handcuffs and had to call 999.

Politics student Zack spotted the handcuffs behind the bar at Her Majesty’s Secret Service on Whiteladies Road. He asked the barman about them and was told a previous customer had left them there.

Zack, left, didn’t realise the handcuffs would lock

He tried them on, not thinking they would lock. They did. And no one had the key.

After calling his medic friends to come help him out he then had to call 999 who sent three members of the fire brigade and two medics in an ambulance to help him out.

It took forty minutes of sawing to break the cuffs off his wrist, some of which is captured in the video below.

Zack was given a copy of the paramedic’s report after the incident, which encourages him “to only apply handcuffs when he is confident he is able to remove them without emergency assistance”.

The note also says the barman has been “encouraged not to give handcuffs to members of the public”.

‘Patient appears well, is laughing, happy now handcuffs are removed’: The paramedic’s notes of the incident

Zack spoke to the Tab about what happened. He said: “It was actually really scary because at one point I thought I was going to lose my left hand. It had so much potential, I wanted to use it for so many other things before losing it.

“The worst part is that they still charged me for my drinks!”

HMSS were not available for comment.