Thekla’s Justin Bieber night sold out in six minutes

It’s definitely too late to say sorry

A club night organised by the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society sold out within six minutes last week.

The event is described as “a party for sassy individuals with a true appreciation for Justin Bieber (aka God)”.

It will be fuelled by JB tunes, cardboard cut-outs, stickers, Bieber face masks and even a piñata of Selena Gomez.

The group have events planned across the country over the next few months, though none seem to have generated quite so much interest as the Bristol event.

Tickets went on sale for £5 plus booking fee.  Some cheeky individuals tried to sell theirs on for £50 each, but that didn’t fly with JBAS, who posted that anybody caught on the page selling tickets for £50 would have their order cancelled and put back on sale for the standard price.

The quick sale of tickets left many Bristolian Beliebers heartbroken. Alice was the only one of her friends left empty-handed, who are all going for her birthday. She told The Tab: “I’m just a bit disappointed that they didn’t choose a larger venue. It’s a shame you couldn’t buy more than one ticket at a time, but I understand it’s so people don’t bulk buy them to sell them off.”

Unfortunately, Bieber won’t be there in person

There’s hope yet for those without tickets.  At 2pm JBAS announced the same club night will be simultaneously held at Bunker, with more tickets up for grabs.

When asked for comment the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society chose to remain anonymous, mysteriously saying they’d “let the Beliebers do the talking”.