UoB students set up community group to deliver supplies for people self-isolating

They’re also giving supplies out to local food banks

A group of UoB students have set up a community group to deliver supplies to people in Selly who are self-isolating.

The Selly Oak Community Group has been launched on Facebook in response to the current coronavirus outbreak, giving urgent supplies to food banks and people in need locally.

The group is urging only those without flu-like symptoms to volunteer with the scheme, as it works to provide deliveries of shopping and prescriptions to those that are in self-isolation during this period.

The team have urged students that are planning to leave the university to donate their unwanted food, toiletries and sanitation products to those that need it the most.

The group has also successfully arranged volunteers to contact those in self-isolation if they need anyone to talk to during this uncertain period.

Students and residents can drop off their unwanted food, toiletries at the drop off point at Jarrett Hall Reception between 12pm-4pm.

The Facebook group that is coordinating the response already has over 1,000 members and has had requests from local residents asking for help with unloading of shopping and deliveries. Also, the group has targeted families and has coordinated online activities for those out of school and at home during the outbreak.

Reece Patrick Roberts, former President of the Guild at the university, helped to establish the Selly Oak Community Group. He told the Birmingham Tab: “The idea is to help those who have been forgot due to COVID-19. As everyone looks to go online there are many that will struggle to eat due to self-isolation or stock piling.

“We have also branched out to support of medical workers in the QE. Taking them meals and snacks to help them get through the long shifts. Students are here for Selly Oak.”

The Community Group has also recently featured on BBC West Midlands news to raise awareness of the progress they have made.