Lincoln is the most underrated hometown in the UK

Hear me out

OK, so Lincoln doesn’t have a reputation for being the best hometown in the UK. It hasn’t got the swankiness of London, the coolness of Manchester or the peacefulness of Cornwall. It’s a town that’s overlooked and unfairly dismissed as boring or irrelevant, but it’s actually a pretty great place to live. Size definitely does not matter – Lincoln may be small but it’s still greater than any other city. There’s more to it than just farmers and sheep, and here’s why.

Lincoln City

It’s a city with both class and grass

Travel far enough down the bumps and bends of the rural Lincolnshire tracks and you’ll end up in Lincoln. The heart of the county, the city with both class and grass. At any point, you’re never further than five minutes from the countryside – the smell of fertiliser on the fields is enough to remind you of that! But don’t be fooled, Lincoln is more than one big farm tucked away in the North East of the country.

Every night starts with Trebbles

If you’re a student, every night starts with Trebbles. The only place which offers three times a vodka dash for half of your cash. Needless to say, the bar certainly lacks a dance floor but after drinking three times the amount you should have, it won’t matter. The tables and chairs become your very own dance floor as you become the star of your own show. Sufficiently legless, it’s time to head home.

Home night club

There’s no place like home

And no, I don’t mean that place with the sick bin strategically placed next to your bed in time for your later arrival, I mean the club which offers eight bars, six rooms, four floors and probably chucks in a farmer for good measure.  It goes by the motto “there’s no place like home” and I’ve never heard such a bold statement so rightfully said. I’m always right in my element in the retro room, busting moves on the flashing dancefloor and belting out classics from Top of the Pops in the 80’s. Okay, now it’s really time to go home.

The Steep Hill is a rite of passage

Dubiously named “Britain’s Best Place 2011”, the Steep Hill challenges all who cross it with a 14 per cent gradient and a promise of a view which justifies its winning title. In winter, it tests even the most determined of the Christmas shoppers as the slope becomes an icy dice with death. Come summer, it’s a whole new ball game. What better way to travel down a steep slope than to chuck yourself head first in a rubber dingy? The Steep Hill transforms every summer into a waterslide and welcomes all heights, shapes and sizes to “zoom the flume.” Beat that.

Lincoln Flume

Heaven-on-earth is Daisy Made Ice Cream

You don’t need to be near the seaside to have good ice cream. In fact, arguably one of the best ice creams comes from a farm in Lincoln. Most youths do the typical Maccies run after they’ve passed their driving test, but not us. We’ll drive through the Daisy Made drive through and order proper ice cream, it’s basically an initiation. So, let’s raise a cone to farmer Dave and his dairy cows for making my Sunday afternoons delicious.

Daisy Made ice cream

The Lincolnshire sausage is our claim to fame

You must have heard of the Lincolnshire sausage. Our claim to fame, our pride, our joy. We even host a festival each year in the city dedicated to the sausage. We have no shame, we are the creators of the herby filled chunky pork sausages and we’ll tell everyone we meet. If there’s any one thing that always brings me home in my mind when I’m in university, it’s the taste of the Lincolnshire sausage.

Lincolnshire Sausages

Even Tom Hanks loves Lincoln

The fame doesn’t stop there. Tom Hanks himself will tell you just how beautiful Lincoln Cathedral is. He visited the city when they filmed the Da Vinci Code there, not every day your hometown welcomes an Oscar winning actor.

Lincoln Cathedral

We even got a mention in the Inbetweeners

“Goodbye first rate education, hello the University of Lincoln.”

Yes, the scene in the Inbetweeners when Mr Gilbert suggests Will should go to uni in Lincoln then Will describes the city as a ‘sh*thole.’

Say what you like Inbetweeners, but don’t come running next time you want a decent sausage.