‘The best reality show in years’: Guys, reviews of Squid Game: The Challenge say it slaps

‘If you were impressed by the job YouTuber MrBeast did in creating his version of the show, get ready to be amazed’

Squid Game: The Challenge has finally dropped on Netflix, and whilst I’m sure a lot of us thought it was going to be a massive gimmick, the reviews are saying it’s must watch reality TV. Yes, they really are.

The show is pretty much based on the original series, seeing players compete in a set of children’s games for a huge cash prize. Whilst there’s no death, players get “eliminated” as they go along, and one person will be named champion at the end.

Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix

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Squid Game: The Challenge is out on Netflix now, and has similarities to the original show

In short, The Challenge version of Squid Game is like the original show, minus the death, and with real life people. Through a series of games, each player is pushed to their limits and forced to ask themselves just how far they’ll go to win.

The Netflix synopsis reads: “Immersed in the world of Squid Game, 456 real players put their skills — and character — to the ultimate test for a life-changing $4.56million prize.” Lots of aspects of the original show are back, including Red Light, Green Light and the creepy doll, the marble game and the Dalgona cookie challenge.

Reviews of Squid Game: The Challenge are calling it the best reality TV show in years

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but reviews of Squid Game: The Challenge are in, and they’re all… amazing. I’m actually very shocked?!

The Telegraph has said the reality spin-off “loses none of the tension or intrigue” of the first show, and has been “impressively reproduced.” The Irish Times very strongly calls the show the “best reality show in years” and says it is “brutal and manipulative” whilst “hugely enjoyable.”

“It’s fascinating to watch ordinary people crumple under extraordinary pressure,” The Irish Times says. “It’s brutal, manipulative and unflinching – everything you could want from a decent night’s bingeing.”

The Independent has called the series an “epic in the reality genre” and adds: “If you were impressed by the job that YouTuber MrBeast did in creating his version of the show, get ready to be amazed.”

The Times has assured you you’ll be “addicted” to the new show. “It’s so well produced,” the review says. “The games are cleverly conceived and chosen – a mixture of fan favourites from the drama and some bespoke contests.”

On top of this, Financial Times has added the series is “an irresistible reality show”. The review says: “The fact that the participants are continuously suspended in a queasy atmosphere of anticipation and dread is what makes the show simultaneously so uneasy and so irresistible.”

Watch the Squid Game: The Challenge trailer here

I’m so ready!

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