Lauren and Cameron from Love Is Blind season one now

Five years on from their Love Is Blind wedding, this is what Lauren and Cameron are up to now

They’ve renewed their vows in Vegas, and want to return to TV!

Can you believe is now been a whole five years since Lauren and Cameron got married on Love Is Blind season one?! Ever since we set eyes on them, and they were the first proposal in the show’s history, they became everyone’s favourite couple.

Lauren and Cameron have never been anything but wholesome. It goes without saying they’re still together since the Netflix show, and after the pods and their wedding have gone on to become hugely successful.

So, five years after they said “I do”, here’s what Lauren and Cameron from Love Is Blind are up to now.

It’s now been five years since Lauren and Cameron got married on Love Is Blind, and they have since renewed their vows

Lauren and Cameron got married in 2018. They have just celebrated their five year wedding anniversary, and shared they have renewed their vows to mark the occasion. “Every day feels like I fall more and more in love with Cam, which I didn’t even know was possible,” Lauren said.

The couple picked the perfect location for the ceremony, the iconic Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Of course, they turned the whole thing into a paid partnership on Instagram – business is always on the mind.

In a joint post, Lauren and Cameron said: “The property was stunning, rooms were clean, the conservatory and botanical gardens were breathtaking! They really made our weekend feel like a fairytale in Vegas! The restaurants were amazing and shopping was top tier. If you are trying to figure out where to stay in Vegas…I couldn’t recommend more!”

Everyone wants Lauren and Cameron to present Love Is Blind now, and they’ve spoken about possibly going into TV

In recent seasons, Love Is Blind fans have called for Vanessa and Nick Lachey to be axed from the show, and there have even been savage petitions calling for them to be removed as hosts. The couple everyone is saying should replace them is Lauren and Cameron – the blue print of Love Is Blind.

The couple have said in an interview they are “definitely” interested in hosting a reality show to “help couples find love”. Speaking to People Magazine, Cameron said: “In the more immediate future, we’re looking to make a return to television or continue on television. Lauren has a show coming out, The GOAT, it’s coming out fairly soon.”

From the producers of The Bachelor and The Office, The GOAT sees 14 reality TV stars compete in a series of mental, physical and social challenges, with the goal of winning the title of the G.O.A.T.

Cameron added: “We definitely are planning our return to TV. We hear people’s cries for us to be hosts. And I think it would be a really wonderful thing. I really would love to help couples find love in this kind of unconventional way, not necessarily Love Is Blind, but maybe our own format. And I really love that idea of helping people find love.”

Lauren is an author and podcast host and Cameron is still working as a scientist

Since finding love on the show, Lauren and Cameron have written a book together, launched a YouTube channel and have millions of Instagram followers. Their YouTube is called Hangin’ With the Hamiltons, and covers all things from their home life and marriage, to their family and friends.

In June 2021, the couple co-authored a book called Leap of Faith, which details the early days of their romance and their experience on Love Is Blind. The following year, Lauren launched her own podcast with Netflix, called We Have the Receipts, which is all about reality TV shows and gossip.

Ahead of Love Is Blind, Cameron worked as a data scientist and ran his own AI consulting firm, Alliance AI. Cameron’s Instagram bio now states: “Yes, I’m still a scientist too.”

Lauren and Cameron have been living together since Love Is Blind

Since Love Is Blind, the couple moved into a family home together and in 2022 said they are ready to start a family and are trying for a baby.

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