MP Gaza vote ceasefire

Named: These are all of the MPs who voted against ceasefire in Gaza

Almost 300 ministers didn’t back the amendment

Yesterday, MPs voted on the SNP’s King’s Speech amendment, which called for “all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire” in Gaza. The amendment was rejected by a 168 person majority, with 125 MPs voting for and 293 voting against.

The vote has caused intense controversy online and a “major rebellion” within the Labour party after frontbenchers were told they’d be sacked if they didn’t abstain from taking part.

Jess Phillips, the shadow minister for domestic violence and safeguarding, and eight other Labour frontbencher “rebels” quit minutes before in order to vote for the ceasefire.

So, as the fall-out continues, here’s a breakdown of how all of the MPs voted, and who abstained, as it goes viral on Twitter:

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