Which MAFS UK 2023 couples will actually last beyond the experiment, according to an expert

‘Ella and JJ’s attraction is based on physical appearance and not much else’

It’s got to that point in MAFS UK 2023 where we’re finally seeing which couples have made it last. It’s the final vows, and the couples are either committing to each other once again, or admitting that they should probably quit now.

But if you can’t be bothered to sit through all the recapping and just want to get a decent idea of who is going to crash out now, a dating expert has spilled all. Speaking to The Tab, online bingo site Heart Bingo’s relationship expert and co-founder of dating app So Syncd, Louella Alderson, shares her predictions on whether the MAFS couples will say yes and commit for good, or split up.

So, here’s the predictions an expert made as to which MAFS UK 2023 couples will last outside the experiment.

Tasha and Paul – Yes

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Louella told The Tab she thinks Tasha and Paul will make things work outside the experiment, based on their “strong emotional connection.” She added: “They also seem to have similar values and goals for the future, making them compatible in many ways. Tasha is fiery and passionate, while Paul is calm and level-headed, providing a balance in their relationship.

“As a couple, they have work to do in terms of communication, particularly in conflicts, but they seem willing to put in the effort. Tasha needs to be less reactive to people and not talk down to Paul, while Paul needs to be more assertive and stand up for himself.

“Tasha can also appear quite selfish at times, but hopefully, with Paul’s guidance, she can learn to compromise and consider his feelings. If they can improve their communication and continue building a strong emotional bond, Tasha and Paul have great potential for a successful relationship. I predict this couple will both renew their vows.”

Ella and JJ – No

Which MAFS UK 2023 couples will last and stay together, Married at First Sight

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The first no from Louella comes for Ella and JJ, who she said have a connection based on physical attraction, and their personalities clash.

Louella said: “Ella and JJ’s initial attraction was based mostly on physical appearance and not much else. Ella has said she wants an emotional connection, but with both of her partners on MAFS, she has been incredibly focused on the physical aspect and physical intimacy. Ella’s confidence appears to come from being physically desired by people.

“Although JJ and Ella balance each other well, with JJ having a calm, patient nature and Ella having a fiery, spontaneous approach, they don’t seem to have a strong emotional connection. Ella has a lot of work to do individually in terms of self-love and confidence.”

She said the experts told JJ he needs to reaffirm Ella in their relationship every day for her to be happy, but “it’s unhealthy to have this type of dependency on your partner.” Louella added: “Ella’s self-confidence shouldn’t solely rely on JJ’s words and actions. Instead, she should focus on building a genuine connection with people that isn’t based on looks.

“JJ also needs to learn to be more confident in himself and express his feelings. It’s difficult to tell what JJ is thinking or feeling, making it hard for Ella to connect with him on a deeper level.” She said Ella and JJ will not renew their vows and will ultimately go their separate ways.

Adrienne and Matt – No

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Yikes! It’s not looking good for Adrienne and Matt, who Louella said are on “completely different pages on a number of things.” She said Matt thinks their relationship is thriving, while Adrienne is unsure and has doubts about Matt and their personality compatibility.

Louella also commented the fact Adrienne doesn’t want children, which is something Matt has always envisioned and wants, is a “significant red flag”. Louella said: “Having similar values and goals in a relationship is important, and Adrienne and Matt don’t seem to have that.”

On top of this, Louella said: “Their communication needs a lot of work. They don’t seem to have a lot of fun together and struggle to have meaningful conversations. It also feels like Matt isn’t listening to Adrienne’s concerns and is instead trying to push their relationship forward without addressing the underlying issues.

“Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like they have a strong emotional connection or a true sense of compatibility, making it unlikely for them to continue a successful relationship outside of the experiment. I predict they will both choose not to renew their vows.”

Laura and Arthur – No

Which MAFS UK 2023 couples will last and stay together, Married at First Sight

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Last night we saw that Laura and Arthur weren’t destined to make it past the final vows. Louella predicted this, and said they would be one of the couples to end their relationship here.

“Laura and Arthur’s relationship has been filled with ups and downs from the start,” Louella told The Tab. “While they initially had a strong attraction in the first few weeks, their emotional connection and compatibility have been lacking recently. Arthur lacks emotional intelligence and says what he wants when he wants. He doesn’t appreciate that his words have consequences and impact others.

“Instead, he thinks he’s being honest and doesn’t understand why different things would upset Laura. Laura actually takes Arthur’s comments quite well and doesn’t react as strongly. However, even Laura’s relatively calm reactions still make Arthur defensive and unwilling to listen.”

Louella added that “Laura feels Arthur doesn’t listen to how she feels, and she’s not felt like herself recently” which is a “red flag for their relationship, as they should be able to trust and communicate with each other openly.”

She said: “It’s clear that they have very different communication styles and values, making it unlikely for them to work as a couple outside of the experiment. Communication and emotional intimacy are key components of a successful relationship, and Laura and Arthur lack both.”

Erica and Jordan – Yes

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Erica and Jordan successfully made it through the final vows, which Louella predicted would happen. She said despite their ups and downs and differences, Erica and Jordan “genuinely care for each other and have a strong emotional connection.”

Louella added: “Erica is patient with Jordan’s stubbornness and is willing to work through their issues, while Jordan is learning to be less reactive and more understanding of Erica.

“In addition, they both have past traumas and difficulties in their upbringings, which has helped them to connect on a deeper level. Their past experiences have shaped them into the people they are, and they understand each other’s struggles and triggers. This emotional connection is a great foundation for their relationship.”

Georges and Peggy – No

Which MAFS UK 2023 couples will last and stay together, Married at First Sight

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Uh-oh, if Louella is right it’s coming to a hard end for Peggy and Georges! She said: “Georges and Peggy have had a rollercoaster of a relationship. They started off strong, with both of them being attracted to each other and sharing similar values and goals. However, as time went on, they started to clash more and more. Georges has to compromise on many things to keep Peggy happy, and Peggy hasn’t shown a willingness to do the same.”

Louella said “Peggy is unaware of her own faults and just highlights Georges’ flaws. Instead of compromising or appreciating Georges for who he is, she expects him to change and fit into her idea of the perfect partner.”

According to Louella this is a huge red flag in their relationship, “as compromise and understanding are crucial for a successful partnership.” She said Peggy and Georges are on “completely different pages” and have “very different passions and interests”.

She concluded: “Overall, it doesn’t seem like Georges and Peggy have a strong emotional connection or deep compatibility, making it unlikely for them to choose to stay together at the end of the experiment. I predict they will both choose not to renew their vows.”

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