Laura during her MAFS UK 2023 final vows to Arthur

Laura claps back at MAFS final vows backlash saying viewers ‘didn’t feel what I felt’

‘Not everyone will like my decision but I meant what I said’

After the final vows episode of MAFS UK 2023 last night, it was the end of the road for Arthur and Laura. Despite him giving a heartfelt speech about their relationship, she said their differences had become too much and handed back the wedding ring.

Following her dramatic speech, in which she said Arthur would be perfect for someone just not her, people were quick to come for Laura and disagree with her decision. But, in a post, Laura has defended herself and said nobody at home can really understand what her relationship was like, or how she was feeling.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she said: “By now hopefully you’ll have all watched mine and Arthur’s final vows. Watching it back brought back a tidal wave of emotions. There was so much riding on that day for both of us.

“I expect not everyone will like or even understand my decision. That’s ok. You weren’t there. You didn’t feel what I felt. I meant what I said, I’ve always been a ‘fixer’. Arthur and I had grown so much as people, but the more we grew as individuals, the further we grew apart from each other. When a relationship is no longer bringing the best out in each person and it becomes a struggle to stay on the same page, that’s when decisions have to be made for the sake of both parties.”

She went on to say she “meant what I said, Arthur is perfect for someone” and she said that with “sincerity and all the love my little heart can muster.”

Laura added: “No one will know our relationship behind closed doors, but what I do know, is that life has taught me time and time again to always choose you, for you. There’s no shame in that, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

“This process taught me endless lessons. I walk away from this experience as a fierce, determined and resilient woman. For every message in my inbox calling me a ‘role model’, ‘inspiring’, and a ‘powerhouse of strength’ – I see you. Thank you. And for every message in my inbox calling me ‘cold’ and ‘stuck up’, I urge you to advocate for yourself the way I have, instead of hating on someone you’ve never met.”

She said she hoped anyone who has ever thought of her badly will one day have “kinder eyes” and see her as “someone who was balanced and diplomatic in disagreements, someone who always backed the ‘under dog’.” She said during the show she became known as the “fourth expert” always lending a hand to other cast members, in particular Shona when she was struggling in her relationship with Brad.

Laura ended her statement by thanking everyone at MAFS and everyone who has watched. “Who knows what the future holds,” she said.

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