Love Island Maya Jama dress

You are literally not going to believe how much Maya Jama’s Love Island outfit cost

I could pay my rent for four months with this

Love Island season ten has only been on our screens for literally one night but, just like the winter season, it’s already clear Maya Jama’s looks are the highlight of the show. Last night, she rocked up to the villa in a crochet white dress and we all lost our god damn minds.

“Once again, Maya stealing all the show,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “It’s acc unfair to the girlies cos Maya lich outshines EVERYONE. I’m sorry,” added another. “It’s hideously unfair that a girl can be that hot,” said a third.

So, in case (like the rest of the internet) you’re wondering if you can channel Maya’s energy for the summer, we’ve done the digging on where her fit is from – and it’s pricey.

Maya Jama Love Island dress

Okay, so where is Maya Jama’s Love Island dress actually from?

Maya actually had three different dresses for the Love Island opening episode last night. But it was this white crochet cut-out dress that really made everyone lose it. And the money she’s spent on it is seriously surprising – it looks like no more than a few threads of yarn.

Named the “Accalia Crochet Gown”, Maya’s dress cost £2,454 from Cult Gaia and, according to the description, has “just the right amount of openness and coverage”.

“This ankle-length, artistic gown is made from hand-crocheted geometric and floral patterns,” it continues. “Signature Cult Gaia cutouts at the waist only enhance the ultra-flattering effect of this dress and create an hourglass silhouette. The halter neckline ties behind the neck and is supported by two straps across the mid-back to hold you in.”

Maya Jama Love Island dress

Even though Cult Gaia is an American brand, it is available in the UK without import fees if you buy it though luxury fashion websites like Fward. But, obviously, it’s going to set you back a bit.

Maya Jama is reportedly earning a six-figure salary for hosting Love Island. So, obviously, she’s going to spend a lot on outfits that set Twitter alight. And her wardrobe choices aren’t exactly what you’d call affordable for the everyman.

For the cost of Maya’s dress you could: Pay your gas and electric bill for a year or your weekly supermarket shop for 16 months. And I’m honestly not sure what’s more depressing— The fact a thread dress costs £2,500 or the fact the cost of living does, too.

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