Andrew Tate castle

Debunked: Andrew Tate doesn’t actually own a £132 million castle, it’s a hotel in Italy

A castle very much built out of a house of cards

It’s not been a great week for Andrew Tate. First he tried to take on Greta Thunberg, goading her about his number of cars – to which she shut him down by saying he had “small dick energy”. Now, it turns out a video he tweeted titled “Me and my castle” in which he sits inside a stone room in what appears to be a castle – is not his castle after all. It’s a hotel in Italy that anyone can book to stay in.

The video, which he shared on Twitter two days ago, appears to show Andrew Tate showing his followers a small tour of his castle. The video starts by moving down a narrow path before a a rounded wooden door opens to reveal Tate inside a small stone room lit by numerous candle.

Obviously, the video can’t be too effeminate so to counter the candlelight, Tate is sat manning the fire. The illusion slightly falters however when you notice him pause, wait until the camera is on him, before placing a log on the fire. Wooo, what a man!!

Throughout all of this, he is sat on what effectively looks like a camping chair, which didn’t escape the notice of Twitter users. “Imagine having a castle and sitting in a little room on a folding chair,” one user pointed out.

However, even among the people poking fun at Andrew Tate, no one seems to be doubting he owns a castle. In fact, the video, which has been viewed over a million times , is full of people congratulating him on his castle. Except we’ve done some digging, and… it’s a hotel owned by an Italian family for the past forty years.

See this isn’t the first time Andrew Tate has bragged about his alleged castle. A longer version of the same clip was shared widely on social media throughout October. Other versions of the clip allege the castle is worth £132 million.

In the extended version of the video, you get to see endless more roof tiles (I’m not sure why anyone would want to see that), but more importantly, among the rolling hills and greenery, you can see a swimming pool with what appear to be numerous deck chairs – much like you might see at a hotel.

Andrew Tate castle

And they are hotel deck chairs because Andrew Tate’s “castle” is an Italian hotel in Umbria, two hours away from Florence.

Andrew Tate castle

via Castello Di Reschio

Hotel Castello Di Reschio is a boutique luxury hotel owned and operated by Count Benedikt Bolza and his wife, Donna Nencia. They lived in the dilapidated castle and raised their five children before, architect Benedikt, redesigned the building into a hotel in 2021. You can see more pictures of the hotel here.

His parents continue to live on the estate and there’s absolutely no evidence Andrew Tate owns any part of this Italian family’s estate.

Mind you, staying at Hotel Castello Di Reschio does not come cheap. If you are looking to book, rooms start at £769 for two people. That being said, on the off chance you bump into Andrew Tate in his stone room, surely it’s a small price to pay to tell him what you think of him to his face.

Andrew Tate and Castello Di Reschio have been approached for comment. 

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