why did melissa and harry break up

Ok, so this is why Melissa and Harry from Made in Chelsea actually broke up

It all happened off camera

When Melissa Tattam returned to Made in Chelsea she gave everybody whiplash by announcing she was single after splitting from Toby Watkins. Because wasn’t she dating Harry Baron? What happened to him? When did they split?

Well, Melissa and Harry were going out for three years and things got pretty serious. “Melissa has sent me a photo of the engagement she ring she wants – it’s £150k,” Harry told OK! Magazine in 2020. “I’ll have to re-mortgage my life! Although she jokes, there’s a serious element to it.”

Ok, so why did Melissa and Harry from Made in Chelsea actually split?

They shared a massive flat in Battersea, spoke about marriage, started a horrendous loungewear brand called Ambience Vibes together but sadly Melissa and Harry’s relationship wasn’t to last. Yet, their split apparently had nothing to do with some great betrayal, which, considering this is Chelsea, is a surprise.

Melissa confirmed their relationship was over during an Instagram Q&A in 2021 when a fan asked if she was still with Harry. “No, she’s single,” she wrote of herself in third person.

And speaking on an episode of Wednesdays We Drink Wine, Melissa confirmed that there had been no wrongdoing that caused her and Harry’s relationship to come to an end. “Everything is amicable,” she said. “Nothing bad has happened, no one cheated.”

melissa and harry made in chelsea

So, who is Melissa Tattam’s boyfriend now?

After splitting with Harry and entering her single era, Melissa started dating the model Toby Watkins and they’re still together now. They haven’t exactly had an easy ride and have already broken up once because Toby had bad anxiety and assumed his relationship with Melissa was the problem. Ouch.

But now, after chatting through all of Toby’s issues, Melissa and Toby have confirmed they’re back together and their relationship is set to be a serious talking point during the new season of Made in Chelsea where they all jet off to Bali.

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