The Traitors cast secrets

All the secrets the cast have spilled about what it’s really like to go on The Traitors

‘I can’t explain to you how heightened the emotion was because you’re so sleep-deprived and anxious’

The Traitors has us all in a chokehold – it’s the best reality TV to come to our screens in years, let’s face it. The premise of the show is all quite mysterious – and we only see short glimpses of the contestants and what they get up to when they aren’t either having breakfast, doing a task, murdering or debating a banishment around the roundtable. Thankfully, various members of The Traitors cast have been using TikTok to tell us all the secrets and goss of what it’s actually like to go on the show. Here’s what’s been said.

They filmed 16 hour days for four weeks

Recently murdered Alex said on TikTok: “The whole show from start to finish filming was about four weeks. Every day, from the moment we got microphones til they were taken off was probably 16 hours. It was intense.”

Faithfuls didn’t get told how many traitors there’d be

In another TikTok, Alex said “we had no idea how many traitors there were. We were told there could be up to five. Even at one point, we thought there were none and it was just some sick social experiment to make us all turn against each other. We had no clue that there were three – at no point were we told how many.

Welfare come and show cast videos from home

On a now deleted TikTok, Meryl said that the cast would have Sundays off and a person from the welfare team would come and shoe The Traitors contestants messages from home. Someone from the show would be in touch with their friends and family so that they could relay messages.

No parts of it were scripted

Alex confirmed that nothing was scripted. “Obviously a handful of us are actors in real life, but none of us are paid actors on the show. Everything you’re seeing is real, none of it is scripted, none of us were told what to do and none of us were told what to say. I know it seems overreactions and really dramatic, but when I tell you how intense – it was one of the most stressful experiences of my life.

“I can’t explain to you how heightened and high octane the emotion was in there because you’re so paranoid and sleep deprived and anxious. Everything is real!”

The cast is a mixture of people who applied and were approached

Meryl said on TikTok that she personally got approached with a message from the casting team on Instagram, but other people applied.

They don’t get to say bye to the banished

Meryl confirmed in a Q&A TikTok about The Traitors that one of the secrets is as soon as the cast get banished, they aren’t allowed to say goodbye to them after and the last they see of them is when they walk out of the roundtable room.

Phones were taken straight away

Alex said “We weren’t allowed our phones full stop. They got taken away from us as soon as we got to Scotland and then we got given them back when we got banished or murdered. We didn’t have them for the entire duration of filming.

Everything was provided for the cast at all times

Alex was asked on a Q&A if they got given money to spend out and about in Scotland, but she confirmed “there was no shop to go to! Everything was provided for us.”


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There’s psychiatrists on hand for the cast at all times, and a huge welfare team

Alex said the cast access to a lot of support when on The Traitors. “The duty of care is really high. They have a massive welfare team and it’s like almost one person from welfare per contestant. We’ve had daily calls checking in how we are. They call us to let us know what’s about to happen in the episode because obviously we’ve not seen the show yet.

No one knows how it’s going to be edited or how the storyline is going to be portrayed.

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