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Explained: Ok so what happens to all of my memories if I delete my BeReal account?

I don’t want to lose my fondest memories of vaping with my friends

BeReal recap 2022 dropped yesterday and it was a bit of a flop, some people are even looking into how to delete their account. It seems dramatic, I know. Other people online are also wondering if they can keep all of their memories once they delete their account.

Other people want to delete their BeReal account for other reasons, not just the recap. Others want to delete their account due to location date concerns, they feel a bit too boomerish and old or they just want some time off social media – all very valid excuses.

So whatever the reason is, here’s everything you need to know about how to delete your BeReal account and whether you will lose all of your memories or not.

Here’s how to delete your BeReal account, explained

Okay so don’t just delete the app because that obviously won’t do anything to your account. First you need to open up the BeReal app, tap your profile in the corner and then click the three dots in the corner.

Tap “help” and then “contact us” which is a button with an envelope on it. At the bottom of the menu you’ll see a button saying “delete account”. Click this and you’ll be presented with offering an option with why you want to leave. The window explains that this will be logged out immediately, and all of your data will be scheduled to be deleted in 15 days. You can then click either “Yes, I’m sure” or “I change my mind.”

Will BeReal delete all of my memories if I delete my account?

As it says above, BeReal offers to keep all of your data in the app for up to 15 days. This means if you login in before the 15 days are up, your account will be restored. Once you have waited out the 15 days, your BeReal account will officially be deleted.

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