Dear TikTokers: We couldn’t care less about your boujie ski trips with posho brands

You’re showing off your privilege whilst your followers struggle to heat their homes

You’d honestly think TikTokers like Max Balegde, GK Barry and the Baggs brothers would be more clued up on the circumstances we’re all currently living in. But clearly they lack total self-awareness given how hard they’ve all flaunted their privilege on the Jack Wills ski trip. Over the last few days they’ve all been showing off their lavish holiday and rubbing it in the faces of millions of followers, cracking jokes about how hard their lives are being hungover on the slopes.

The reality is, whilst they’re our skiing in the mountains, their followers are stuck at home deciding between eating or being warm – it’s as simple as that. You can’t even argue the fact they might be creating this content for our escapism, because that can’t be true. There’s no way they accept these boujie holidays and trips away for the greater good of their audience.

I need to know why TikTok pushes these people onto our FYP?  Young TikTokers have gone too far this time – they’re just as bad as the rest of the other tone-deaf influencers. They’ve gone to an expensive luxury ski chalet whilst the majority of us can’t afford to heat our homes.

Brands who take these TikTokers on trips are convinced it’s what we want to see

Three days ago Jack Wills posted a video saying “We know you loved Ibiza…who’s ready for part two?” and then announced they’re going skiing. Who loved Ibiza may I ask? The influencers flown over in a private jet with unlimited champagne and sushi? Or the ones stuck at home seeing the videos on their FYP? Seeing their smug grins on the slopes is grating. I don’t give a toss about the Baggs brothers or Max Balegde for skiing on the slopes or swimming in heated pools. I don’t understand why TikTok pushes such insincere people who lack self-awareness.

GK Barry can’t even ski. Why are you there then if it’s not just for a piss up with friends and a load of free clothes??

Jack Wills was once a brand for young posh people. It’s now making an attempt to rebrand itself and find its feet amongst a group of TikTokers who try to come across as relatable.

Max Balegde was too hungover to even ski

You might recognise Max Balegde from being the influencer who recently ripped into two queer people getting engaged on the tube during Pride. Anyway, he’s been platformed by a huge brand and taken to both Ibiza and this ski trip. He’s kitted out in loads of Jack Wills ski bits and posted a video saying he’s “hungover as tits and on a mountain filled with ice.” The video is captioned with “Send help #skiing” and it’s all very tone-deaf.


Now they’re on BBC Radio One on Christmas day

Merry bloody Christmas! As if all of this wasn’t enough, they’re now back on Christmas day on BBC Radio One. Who will actually be tuning in, may I ask? Why are we platforming these influencers to such a level where they now have Christmas day slots? They’re not worthy to be at the same level as Christmas day telly and radio – they’re not relatable people whatsoever and I don’t want to hear their voices bellowing at me and chatting pure crap.

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