Dear influencers: Flashing your wealth during a crisis is exactly why we don’t respect you

We’re all sat in mouldy houses with no heating but sure, you go and enjoy The Savoy

Millions of people are currently living inside homes without heating this winter, however unlike Lydia Millen, we’re not able to book into The Savoy Hotel when we get a bit chilly. Energy prices are soaring and household fuel bills are set to hit an all-time high next year so having influencers shove their boujie lives into our faces isn’t what we need right now.

Sure, influencers are going to influence people but there’s a time and place and doing something like that during the cost of living crisis is not it. When people are trapped in poverty and don’t have access to half the opportunities as influencers, it is wrong. Watching people live ridiculously posh toff lives isn’t motivating or influencing me to work harder so I have the same things as them – it’s depressing and frustrating.

It was recently reported Awaab Ishak, a two-year-old, died because his home was mouldy and no one would sort it out or listen to his parents. I’m sure they would have loved to check into The Savoy or book a last minute holiday somewhere hot but that’s not a reality for the majority of people. All influencers prove is the fact money buys better health and it’s more visible than ever right now.

The cost of living crisis isn’t a fake reality that’s been made up. Just because you might not directly see it happening in front of you doesn’t mean thousands of people are going without every single day because they don’t have enough money to live.

It is wrong people are trapped in poverty and living these lives whilst other people have too much of everything else. It’s not just Lydia Millen either. Recently Anastasia Kingsnorth, a YouTuber, tried the latest Asda essentials range and compared it to a Bushtucker trial from I’m A Celeb. Why has our reality suddenly become a joke to those with spare cash in the bank and a warm roof over their heads??

Posting lifestyle updates on Instagram can make some influencers hundreds of pounds an hour. Someone showing off how easy they have it is offensive given the current state of our economic climate. Influencers need to be made aware we are going through a dramatic cost of living crisis. It’s insensitive and if anything above all else, we all lose so much respect for you.

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