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Inside the life of Lydia Millen before money, fame and staying at The Savoy

Omg she was an Ibiza club girly during uni

Lydia Millen has been building her career online for the last decade but no one has said her name as much as they have in the last 24 hours. She’s now known for being the out of touch influencer whose boiler broke so they decided to check into The Savoy Hotel. But of course people are now looking for Lydia Millen before she made all her money. Here’s a rundown of how Lydia Millen actually became famous and what she was like before she had all this money, stays in The Savoy and her boujie life.

Lydia Millen is 34-years-old and originally from Watford

Lydia Millen was born on the 14th of April in 1988 in Watford. She has an older brother called Vincent Miles Millen and a younger sister called Alice Millen.

Her brother, Vincent Miles Millen is the director and owner of Millen Homes Ltd. It’s a company that specialises in luxury residential sustainable property development across London and other home counties. Vincent is married to Lucy Ann Millen, the company secretary.

Lydia achieved three GCSEs at school and went to Northampton Uni as a mature student

At the age of 21, Lydia Millen enrolled at Northampton Uni where she gained her BA in Retail Marketing.

Lydia Millen was an Ibiza club girly

Lydia has said she spent her summers working in Ibiza nightclubs. She has openly said on her blog: “My first year in Ibiza, I believe it was 2008 and I worked as a barmaid in a club with a little bit of promotional modelling here and there.”

Lydia says she also worked for a lap dancing club selling laughing gas and then went back to Ibiza in 2010 for the first half of the summer before laughing gas was made illegal. She then worked for another Ibiza club as one of the parade girls which she says was the “best job ever” getting dressed in costumes and drunk with a group of mates.

Lydia Millen lived with her grandmother growing up

Lydia Millen has previously said she grew up with her grandmother when she was younger. Lydia has said on her blog before that her grandmother “gave me the relationship with a woman I never thought I would have,” due to the skin care inspiration,

She trained to be a beauty therapist and found a job at The End in Watford, an independent fashion store in the UK.

It was when she was at uni in 2012 when she started blogging in her third year whilst writing her dissertation. Previously she has described leaving uni as one of the “scariest” and most “disorientating experiences” she has ever been through. She was applying for jobs but found herself back in retail. According to her LinkedIn, Lydia was a junior assistant manager at French Connection before university and after found herself at UCLA.

How did Lydia Millen start her career online and get famous?

Lydia says she started by blogging her charity shop finds and then began upcycling clothes in her wardrobe. Apparently when she was 13 she coded her own websites and used them as an online diary to document her thoughts on life and blogging. She continued this alongside her degree and full-time job in e-commerce. She says she had a mortgage and bills to pay so ensured she had enough money to become a full-time influencer in 2016.

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