People are coming for Max Balegde on Twitter after he mocks a queer proposal on the tube

‘You absolute monster’

Max Balegde is facing backlash after posting a video of a queer couple’s proposal on the tube and calling it a “violation”.

In the video Max Balegde calls the proposal a “violation” and that he would be “fuming” if anyone proposed to him on the tube. In the caption of the video he says: “If someone proposes to me on the tube they’ll be getting a swift rejection” with the hashtag Pride.

People on Twitter have been calling out Max Balegde for the viral TikTok video. One person said: “I find as Max’s fame has grown he has become increasingly horrible and mean. I hope he realises the way he’s going will end in his own downfall and he can’t stop this kind of thing soon.”

A cousin of the person proposing in the video shared Max’s TikTok on Twitter and said: “I’m 99 per cent sure you are mocking my only recently out cousin proposing to their lovely partner during the 50th anniversary of London Pride.

“They recently had the courage to come out and I am so happy they have found someone special in their lives but also have been able to find who they are too. But you took what was a lovely moment for them both and instead of just being happy for them, you took it for yourself. You thought it right to mock a queer couple on video and shared it for all your followers. You absolute monster. I noticed you haven’t apologised for this which would be the tiniest gesture of making things right. I just hope if you have someone special in our life, some judgmental spiteful person isn’t there ready to point a camera at you and laugh. That you can expect your fellow queers to be happy and supportive and not just looking for likes on another TikTok to fulfill their lives.”

Another person on Twitter said: “Max deleted the tweet version of this video when it didn’t get the response he wanted, but had left the TikTok version up.”

Max Balegde has not commented on the situation however he has deleted video from Twitter but it still remains on TikTok.

The Tab has approached Max Balegde and his managment for comment.

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