Every man needs to watch this Channel 4 sexual harassment documentary and here’s why

Clips showing a man following the woman into her hotel room have gone viral on TikTok

In a new TV documentary called Undercover: Sexual Harassment – The Truth, journalist Ellie Flynn went undercover to expose the harsh reality of sexual harassment against women and girls in Britain.. She appeared to be drunk and alone on the streets in order to see how bad things are and she then reported her horrifying account.

Figures show more than four in five women are aware of male predatory behaviour when out alone. A YouGov survey for Channel 4 found almost a quarter of women have been followed and one in 10 have had drinks spiked. The survey also found a quarter had been raped or sexually assaulted when on a night out. Every man needs to watch this sexual harassment documentary and here’s why.

She said: “It’s the early hours of Saturday and I’ve been stumbling around Liverpool’s busiest nightlife areas for a few hours, seemingly drunk and alone. A man approaches me to ask how I am and where I’m going. I barely respond, ignoring his suggestion we find a hotel or bar.”

Ellie says she repeatedly told the man she’s fine and going to find her friends, but he ignores her and starts to follow her as she makes her way back to her hotel. The man follows Ellie all the way back to her hotel room which was rigged with secret cameras.

You’ve probably seen the video floating around on TikTok of Ellie stumbling into her hotel room and then switching the second the door closes and he’s inside. She confronts the man and asks why he followed her in, he says: “We came together.” Ellie replies: “No we didn’t, you followed me. I never said to come.”

There is also a security guard hiding in the nearby bathroom waiting for a safe word if anything was to happen. Ellie asks the man to leave and he gets up and does before apologising for his behaviour. However, right before he leaves he says: “Come on, give me a kiss.”

Ellie Flynn did the same experiment in Leicester Square in London. She was followed by another man here who insisted on helping her get home after picking up on the fact she was “drunk”. He offered her a taxi before grabbing her hand and rubbing it on his crotch. In tonight’s documentary we will also see Ellie showing footage to all-male focus groups. One man in a group spoke about how men should be made more aware of the reality women face, he says: “It should start early on when they’re more impressionable, it should be in the education system.”

Undercover: Sexual ­Harassment – The Truth is available on Channel 4 now.

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