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Johnathan calls Christmas reunion ‘cringe’ and says he’s distancing himself from MAFS UK

‘To all the nasty hypocrites, give your head a wobble’

Johnathan Wileman from MAFS UK has blasted the Christmas reunion and says he’s going to be distancing himself from the show following the drama around comments made about Amy and body image after Sunday’s episode on an Instagram live.

During an Instagram live between Sophie and Adrian, comments were made in the comment section by viewers about Amy and MAFS UK alumni such as Marilyse Corrigan and Amy herself called out Sophie and Adrian for not shutting the comments down to turning them off.

Johnathan said on his story: “After the cringefest that was the MAFS Christmas special, I thought I’d address the shitshow of comments that have followed and were also made throughout the series

“The behaviour of some people and particularly the comments made after last night’s show have been nothing short of disgusting. My original comments about my preferences were just that. They were never directed at any individuals at all within the series. Neither were they being negative about any body type. They were simply a personal preference.

“What one person finds attractive, another may not – whether that be physical, emotional or personality. Both Sophie and Amy are beautiful women – neither deserving of the vile comments directed at them.

“The hypocrisy of some people following the airing of the shows has been disgraceful. On one hand pushing body positivity with hashtags like ‘be kind’ then with the other hand handing out direct insults about cast members and labelling individuals as ‘big’ or ‘fat’.

“Inciting hatred towards individuals or condoning such comments is disgusting. Just to clarify, I did not describe any individual as having ‘horse legs’ throughout my entire MAFS experience or thereafter.”

In a final story, Johnathan concluded saying “Since leaving the show and having experienced the level of toxicity that has been directed at myself and other participants, I have decided to detach myself from the whole MAFS UK experience.

“Thank you to all of my supporters who have followed my journey throughout and who clearly understood the context of my comments. To all the nasty hypocrites, give your heads a wobble.”

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