Love Is Blind’s Brennon accused of domestic abuse in past relationship but claim was thrown out

He was accused of throwing a woman against a wall, but a jury did not indict him

Love Is Blind season three star Brennon Lemieux was accused of domestic abuse in a former relationship, but the accusations were “thrown out” as untrue. Following his appearance on the Netflix show, an incident report has been circulating online detailing the allegations against him, which he has said were falsely made.

According to an incident report filed to Dallas police in January 2021, just months before Love Is Blind season three was filmed, the accusations against Brennon were made by someone he had been dating for three months. They were allegedly at home together having some drinks when an argument broke out. Brennon is said to have become upset and asked his partner to leave, but she didn’t.

The report then says it was claimed Brennon grabbed his partner and threw her against a wall, and she banged her head. The woman claimed she was “unconscious for a brief moment” and then claimed Brennon struck her and scratched her.

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The woman, who is said to have slept on the sofa before driving home, claimed to have suffered bruising and concussion. Brennon was ultimately not indicted, and he has said this is because the claims made were false. However, the report has been circulating on Reddit and TikTok.

Posting on Instagram about the reports, he said: “There have been a few rumours about an incident report falsely filed against me from a few years ago. The grand jury threw it away as a ‘no bill/no validation to the claim’ due to there being evidence that contradicted the claim. The report was thrown out.”

Love Is Blind star Brennon Lemieux responds to domestic abuse claims

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A grand jury declined to indict Brennon on one count of aggravated assault causing severe bodily injury on April 28th of this year, according to county court records. All charges against him have been dropped. Brennon concluded his statement by saying his “thoughts and prayers go out to actual victims.”

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