Danielle from Love Is Blind has released music

Guys, Danielle from Love Is Blind is has released music about bad relationships

Her latest single samples an argument between her and someone who sounds a lot like Nick 😬

I don’t know where to begin here, but it appears that Danielle Ruhl from season two of Love Is Blind is now releasing music. What’s more, her latest track is called “Attracted To Pain” and the intro is a sample of an argument – which sounds a lot like her and Nick.

“Attracted To Pain” sounds as though it’s all about a breakup and a bad relationship, which is fitting, and the intro samples an argument of what sounds uncannily like Danielle and Nick. It’s not actually him, it’s a fake fight between Danielle and a friend, but the comments on the video are also questioning who the man might be. “Wait is this her ex’s voice?” one person has said.

Danielle and Nick got married on Love Is Blind, but a year later announced they were getting a divorce. Since then it’s got quite messy, with each of them publicly talking about one another and bad-mouthing each other.

Some of the lyrics in “Attracted To Pain” include “why do I run after you when it feels like you’re not trying” and “so messed up, we’re so messed up”.

Watch the new video on YouTube here:

Posting about the new single on Instagram, Danielle said she’s “not a singer” but just “finds writing and recording therapeutic”. On her YouTube channel Danielle has posted two other songs, called “Weather Man” and “The Way Down”. The Way Down was written when Danielle was a teenager, and she has written on her channel to say it is all about the mental health struggles she was having at the time.

Check out Danielle’s channel here.

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