white lotus finale memes

Just all of the best memes to help you process The White Lotus season two finale

Give Meghann Fahy her Emmy award

Sob, it’s over. The White Lotus season two finale aired on Sunday night and after weeks of plot theories and fan conspiracies we finally found out whose body was floating in the water. WARNING: Spoilers (inevitably) ahead, so, if you haven’t watched season two’s final episode yet go and bury your head in the sand on another corner of the internet while we delve into the best White Lotus finale memes out there.

Yes, thanks to ginormous fortunes, yachts and Peppa Pig’s own clumsiness we lost Tanya to the ocean, Lucia to the streets, Albie to the tight grasp of toxic masculinity, and Portia to her own self interest. But Harper and Ethan are shagging again so there’s a happy ending in there somewhere.

Obviously, we all processed this information the only way we know how— through posting pictures of Meghann Fahy’s freckles and Jennifer Coolidge’s panicked face all over the internet. So, in case you need a social media micro dose of the chaos of Sicily to keep you afloat, here are the best White Lotus memes we could find: