These eight highly convincing White Lotus fan theories will send your brain into orbit

Tanya, babes, do NOT trust Quentin

We’re only two episodes away from The White Lotus season two’s finale and the tension in Sicily is getting stifling. Presumably, (although nothing is ever certain at The White Lotus), the series will finish where episode one began with the aftermath of Daphne finding someone’s body in the sea.

All of the cast and creators have been seriously tight-lipped about which White Lotus guest dies: “It’s unexpected. It’s very unexpected and only is revealed at the very end,” Theo James told Forbes. But, obviously, fans have been doing their own theorising because this mystery is living in all of our heads rent free.

So, in case all the clues hidden throughout The White Lotus season two are keeping you up at night, here are the biggest and boldest plot theories we’ve seen about the show that have sent our brains into absolute orbit:

Quentin is actually totally broke

Tanya’s new best friend Quentin might seem boujee in his Palermo palace but he is definitely asset rich and cash poor. By his own admission, the villa is eating up all of his money and he could be looking to Tanya to get him out of financial trouble.

Tbh, there’s just something shady about Quentin that screams con man. The showy yacht, the instant champagne hospitality? It’s giving Tinder Swindler.

Quentin white lotus

The White Lotus killer is Quentin 

On Reddit, user Senior_Beau believes Quentin has even more sinister intentions than just stealing Tanya’s money: 

“After the opera Quentin and Tanya have a sprawling conversation about love,” they wrote. “Quentin reminisces about the only person he’s ever loved, a cowboy. While doing so he’s smoking a pack of Marlboro Reds, famously nicknamed ‘cowboy killers.’

“Maybe it’s a red herring but it does seem possible that he could’ve murdered the Wyoming cowboy he fell for. Or, he himself could be working alongside a killer cowboy. He ends the scene tossing the pack to Tanya, who is dressed in a funeral-like black dress.”

White Lotus Quentin and Tanya

Quentin’s first love is Tanya’s husband Greg 

Remember when Tanya’s husband Greg told someone on the phone he loved them hours before fleeing Italy? Fans think the person at the other end of that conversation was Quentin: “It does seem heavily implied Greg setup Tanya to be alone in Sicily and that Quentin has targeted her specifically and is going to kill her or encourage her to kill herself,” wrote one Reddit user. 

“Quentin says he’s only motivated to by one love affair and otherwise just the love of beauty. Unless he thinks it’d just be beautiful to kill this random woman he came across, it seems his motivations must stem from his one love affair. And the only conceivable character that could motivate him to do something Tanya-related would be Greg.”

Jack and Quentin White Lotus scene

Jack is just distracting Portia 

Although Jack was introduced as Quentin’s nephew, certain developments in the plot (we won’t spoil it for you) have thrown that fact into dispute. The charming Essex boy might have been sleeping with Portia and taking her out on dates but now nobody is convinced he’s legit.

“Jack is a sex worker hired to entertain the rich gays,” wrote a fan on Reddit. “And then when Portia showed up and ruined the plan they decided to have him distract her, they’re going to off Tanya as a favour to Greg because Quentin is in love with him and split the money they get since they can get around the prenup this way, and they’re probably connected to the Mafia too.” 

White Lotus Jack and Portia

Portia is about to get even more insufferable 

All the whinging that she has to hang out with Tanya in a luxury resort has people seriously disliking Portia. She does no work, she sunbathes all day and yet her life is so, so, hard. And, as shit continues to hit the White Lotus fan, it’s clear her character is not having a redemption arc:

“As the episodes go on, you really see just the angst and the misery and the bit of narcissism and unawareness that Portia has,” Haley Lu Richardson told Vanity Fair. So, strap yourselves in for some more narcissism. 

White Lotus Portia annoying

Cam is broke or Daphne controls all of their money 

Remember when Cam slept with Lucia and never paid her? That’s because he’s as broke as Quentin. All holiday he’s been trying to convince Ethan to invest with him because, clearly, money is not flowing as freely as he’d like.

Yet, Daphne has been spending it up. Shopping trips with Harper, renting multi-million pound villas at a moment’s notice in Noto. Either, she’s totally unaware of their money troubles (unlikely) or she’s controlling the finances.

Cam white lotus

Harper has sex with Cam and instantly regrets it 

We know from what Ethan said about his college days with Cam that Cam has always got off on finding out what girls Ethan likes and swooping in and taken them for himself. Or, as Ethan put it: “You have a serious case of mimetic desire, bro”.

Since the start of season two, Cam has been not so subtly after Harper by flashing his penis at her in the mirror and grabbing her leg under the dinner table. Fuelled by her suspicions about what Ethan did with Lucia and Mia while she was in Noto, fans think Harper will have revenge sex with Cam before instantly regretting her decision.

Harper white lotus

Daphne’s personal trainer is father to one of her kids

From the moment Harper brought up Cam’s cheating, Daphne made it clear: “I am not a victim”. And in episode five she even hinted of having an affair of her own with her blonde-haired blue-eyed “personal trainer in the city”.

Daphne proudly shows Harper a pic of the trainer on her phone, but when Harper looks at the screen it’s a picture of two children. Acting like it was a mistake, Daphne says “oh well, we’ll find it another time” but it seems  like she’s hinting her blond-haired- blue-eyed children are actually her personal trainer’s and not Cam’s after all. Drama.

white lotus daphne

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