Mexican pancake meaning

The horrendous ‘Mexican pancake’ trend is going viral on TikTok and this is the vile meaning behind it

People are recording their live reactions lmao

People on TikTok have been desperately searching for the meaning behind “Mexican pancake” after the phrase became popular. The meaning behind it is actually vile and it won’t shock you to learn it’s originally from some randomer on Urban Dictionary. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mexican pancake trend from TikTok and its grim true meaning.

What is the meaning behind ‘Mexican pancake’ from TikTok?

Mexican Pancake is a term that was first uploaded to Urban Dictionary by someone called Rayena on 18th December 2008. It’s truly, truly evil and what’s worse is you can buy a literal mug with the definition on the Urban Dictionary merch store for over £30.

The mug’s detail says: “This sturdy ceramic mug is perfect for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or whatever hot beverage you enjoy. It’s glossy white and the printed text retains its quality when dish-washed and microwaved.” A perfect Christmas gift perhaps? It’s had 309 reviews and has been rated a huge five stars!

Literally anyone can post on Urban Dictionary and there’s no real way of finding out who posted what. Because of this there are a bunch of really weird words and phrases that are on the site with strange definitions attached to them – Mexican pancake being one of them. We saw this recently with salty ice cream too. Now thanks to TikTok, everyone is Googling these phrases.

Okay so, according to Urban Dictionary, Mexican pancake is when a man ejaculates on to a woman’s face. It then tries and he feeds it to her. Bye.