A rundown of all the Love Islanders who have had hair transplants

The cast from seasons three and four are carrying the hair transplant business on their backs

Recently, Connor Durman from Love Island 2020 debuted his hair transplant to his followers on Instagram and it turns out a few of the Islanders have had one. So here’s a rundown of every single Islander who has got a hair transplant including which iconic female Islander has one too.

Alex Beattie

You’ll recognise Alex Beattie from Love Island season three, he came in on day 26 and was dumped on day 50 alongside Montana Brown.

In 2017, Alex Beattie revealed he had a secret hair transplant after being bullied for his big forehead. He said: “It wasn’t really a sudden decision. There have only been two things that I’ve ever felt insecure about in my life, and that was when I was really skinny in school and the height of my forehead.”

Jack Fincham

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer were coupled up from day one of season four right up until winning the final.

Two years ago Jack Fincham announced he had a hair transplant to cover up a scar after an accident. He had a procedure which strengthened his hairline after he had an accident at home leaving him with a scar and a developing bald spot.

Rosie Williams

Rosie Williams was an Islander in season four and entered on day four to then be dumped on day 20. She was coupled up with the infamous Adam Collard.

This summer, Rosie Williams revealed she had a secret hair transplant two years ago after not recognising herself anymore due to “chunks of hair” falling out. Rosie admitted she suffered with hair thinning and bald patches due to “years of personal stress” which has impacted her mental health.

Max Morley

via @maxmoreley77 on Instagram

Max Morley was an Islander in the first ever season and even went on to win it with Jessica.

Max Morley had a hair transplant in 2019 due to his growing fears he’ll be left with a comb over at the age of 25. He has an entire highlight on his grid dedicated to his transplant and even shows how bad the swelling got. You can watch his highlight here.

Dom Lever

Dom Lever was in season three of Love Island and was coupled with Jessica Lever who he later went on to marry and have two kids with.

In 2019, Dom Lever revealed he had a hair transplant to restore his receding hairline. He’s another one who went to KSL Clinics to restore his hairline. He was filmed during the procedure and said it didn’t hurt at all but admitted he might feel it in the morning.

Danny Bibby

Danny Bibby was dumped from 2021’s Love Island after failing to get a decent connection with Lucinda Strafford. In a Q&A with his fans after leaving the villa he revealed he had actually had a hair transplant but insisted that was the only work he has had done.

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