Drag Race UK seasons ranked

All four seasons of Drag Race UK, definitively ranked from worst to best

No prizes for guessing what number one is

And thus concludes another season of Drag Race UK, as Danny Beard becomes the latest crowned queen in the family. We’ve had Drag Race UK for four seasons now, and each one has given us an amazing cast with queens that have shot into the pop culture history books giving us iconic quotes, boundary pushing fashion, Bings, Bangs, and Bongs. But which season reigns supreme in the Drag Race UK dynasty? Here are all four seasons of Drag Race UK, ranked from worst to best.

4. Season three

I do wholeheartedly believe that season three of Drag Race UK isn’t the disaster many fans would have it pegged as, but it is the season I think widely accepted to be the least great of the four. The odds were stacked against season three from the off – after the titanic success of season two the hype was astronomical for the next season. Because of that expectation, and because injury stopped Victoria Scone from truly getting to become a frontrunner, it felt like the season had mishap after mishap.

The season also suffered from a runway standard that was just impossible to meet, after the queens had been out of work during lockdown and didn’t have the means to put the level of extravagance into all their looks as other years which made me think a lot about the financial advantage queens from money have over working class queens. It’s frustrating.

That being said, so much to love here. A fun cast, extremely talented performers (who didn’t get to do a Rusical for some reason?) and the franchise’s worthy, youngest ever winner in Krystal Versace. Ru loved her from the get go – but there’s no denying she’s a sickening queen.

3. Season four

I think season four’s biggest flaw is that it got rid of two fan favourites way too soon, and then never really got itself back on track. It doesn’t do anything majorly wrong, there is so much talent in this cast and the runways were literally some of the best ever – certainly in the UK. But the judges doing Dakota Schiffer dirty will never sit right with me! END OF.

I also think this is the first season where despite the girls absolutely smashing it week after week, there felt like a dip in online engagement and hype from fans. I think everyone going back to their lives after Covid made the amount of people watching it live and live tweeting along go down – where was the buzz? It’s a shame, because the queens deserve better.

But what this season gets right, it smashes out of the park. An untouchably great Rusical, drag legends like Cheddar and Danny smashing the whole competition and Danny emerging as the perfect winner, huge diversity across the cast and so many different styles of drag represented.

2. Season one

The one that started it all – and it’s like a piece of history. I imagine I’m not alone when I say that sitting down for Drag Race when this started and knowing it was in your own country, with queens you knew from the scene and had been around in clubs was just so exciting and surreal. Season one is rough around the edges, but it’s so charming and funny and chaotic that I couldn’t care less that the runways are messy. It’s literally an iconic quote every two minutes.

So many funny moments, so little time. Red wig and a silver dress? Iconic. Cheryl saying it’s another week of her doing mediocre? Spawned a thousand memes. The Frock Destroyers alone changed the franchise forever, and made the girlband challenge essential for any season worth its salt. Historical television, honestly.

1. Season two

Seasn two of Drag Race UK is not just the greatest season of Drag Race in the UK, it is ranked the greatest of all the seasons of Drag Race globally. Quote me. Period!

Season two just is electric. Every queen brings something incredible, whether that be in their drag and talent or just by being great TV and drama. The fact that this season had a global pandemix strike right in the middle of it makes it feel like nothing else. The twist up from the pre-Covid eps to the post lockdown ones is wild, and the queens come back with almost an All Stars-esque glow up in the middle of the series? Wild.

The runways. The challenges. The quality of the episodes and how it truly felt like there were four queens at least who deserved a crown. UK Hun changed the gay pop culture sphere forever, and queens like Bimini, Lawrence, Tayce, A’Whora, Tia Kofi and the late great Cherry Valentine racked up fans in the hundreds of thousands. Truly phenomenal television, and a season that’s one of the finest things to come out of the UK in years.

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